Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pro Spotter Pad is Here!

A few weeks ago, I received my Pro Spotter Pad from Asana (the best crash pad makers out there, in case you've never heard of them!).  Conveniently, I got it just in time for my bouldering/camping trip up to the Adirondacks.

At first glance the pro spotter pad seems to be  a simple sit start pad with a shoulder strap running alongside and two handles that allow it to be used as a (spotting) shield, hence the name.  Upon closer inspection, however, you can see a zipper that reveals a pad inside.  This inside pad folds out to a huge 3/4 in. thick mat that covers 2 large full pads.  It will definitely save one from falling between pads, spraining an ankle, and being dubbed Gumby by an online climbing magazine (long story..).

That's not all this bad boy does though!  Unfolded, it makes a fantastic sleeping pad, which I used every night at the Dacks.  Comfort-wise, it is about equivalent to sleeping in a five-star hotel (well, almost).  Who would've thought a small pad could do so much!

I also took my Spotter to Ireland for some bouldering.  This pad was great for the trip as I just stuffed it in my suitcase and checked it into the baggage counter.

Warning: Asana contents inside!

Once in Ireland, I grabbed the pad and headed to the Gap of Dunloe to take a break from all the drink- I mean sight-seeing for a little bouldering.  The pad worked great for everything from sit starts to ass landings, and was firm enough to absorb the impact from falling 10-15 feet up (maybe more but I'll leave that to someone else to test).

Anyone looking for a utility pad to go along with their crash pad should definitely check out the Pro Spotter Pad, you won't be disappointed!

Ed. GParf