Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting Back to the Boulders

Temps are starting to drop here in New England.  We're now getting away from the scorching heat and sticky humidity and getting back to what we boulderers like: some dry cool weather.  My friends and I hauled our crash pads out to our local crag in Southington to remember what it was like to boulder again.  It had only been 2 months since the last time we bouldered, but it had felt as if it were 2 years.

We got to the boulder field and did the usual season starting of cleaning off the gathered spiderwebs and dead bugs out of the crevices of our most frequented boulders.

Getting warmed up was like starting a car in the dead of winter.  It's amazing how different your muscles behave when bouldering as opposed to rope climbing.  Climbing ropes gives you the endurance but I feel it erodes away the power that your muscles carried during a peak bouldering season.  This is why we want to get out early in the season, even though it's still warm.

After the usual warm-up, we headed to some more classic problems at the boulder field, namely Junkyard dog (v6).  This problem is my favorite v6 I have ever climbed.  It's climbtastic and the problem just flows so well that I have to climb it almost every time I am out there!  Below is picture of my buddy Sean workin' hard on Junkyard.

Bill spotting Sean with the Pro Spotter Pad

Other than this problem we only brushed off a few others and went over to a slopey overhanging problem call Underground Vibes (v8).  On the way we ran into a pretty creepy snake that hissed, shook its tail like a rattler, and then almost attacked my dog!  Lucky we had our friend Bill with us to use his pad to block the snake while we walked safely around it.

All in all it was a great day out, hopefully the weather starts dropping further along with the humidity so the crushing can really begin!  Until then, training at the local gym will ramp up (minus the closing of the gym for demolition and addition of a Rockwerx lead wall..Hell YEAH!!) so the projects can be sent!