Monday, October 15, 2012

Prime Climb gets an Upgrade!

As much as I hated to see parts of the Prime Climb gym being demolished and removed, I am stoked for their current upgrade!  Prime Climb has enlisted the crew from Rockwerx to build a 3 dimensional, wrap-around lead climbing wall inspired by the design ideas from Dan Yagmin, Jr. 

Prime Climb is already known for its awesome setting where the likes of Ty Landman and Phil Schaal go to train.  Adding any improvement to an already stellar gym will only bring more fun and better training for when you hit up the crag!  Fortunately for us climbers and boulderers, Prime Climb stayed open during the building stages of the wall.  It was pretty amazing to watch the wall "grow" from bolts, steel beams, some arc welding, some nail guns, and mud-crete(mud or concrete, don't actually know what they used here!) for the wall texture.  After the wall was painted by the amazingly skilled artist, Dan Yagmin, Jr., the route setters harnessed up and got to work setting some routes!  The pictures below show the evolution of Prime Climb:

The pictures here are the front room and back room (in order).  The front part of the wall had a nice steep climbing section and the back wall was the slab wall (lot of skinned knees on this section)!

The demo only took 3 days surprisingly!  Those guys from Rockwerx don't mess around!

 A little bit of arc welding for the support structure!

The inner skeleton of a climbing wall!

 An awesome paint job!

Finally the finished product with some lead routes!

The wall addition adds an open feeling to the gym that it didn't have before.  It creates a vibe in the gym that only makes you want to climb and train harder!  The ventilation is great now that all the chalk isn't confined to the back room bouldering area (mainly caused by us boulderers...oops didn't mean to kick over your gallon of chalk everywhere)!  The only thing left to do is to put on a harness and start crushing the routes the awesome Prime Climb setters put up!