Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Power Struggle 7 Bouldering Comp Highlights

Another stellar show was put on at Prime Climb's Power Struggle 7!  It was a great showing for a comp that was previously cancelled due to a snow storm.  The Prime Climb setters went back to work for the third time this year stripping down the bouldering wall to make a blank canvas on which to craft some tricky problems for the competitors to pull on.  Click on the video below to check out the highlights from the competition!

 Setters hard at work, preparing for the comp!

Ty Landman eyeing up the 3rd final's problem...right before he cruised through it to become the champ yet again!

Women's Finalists: (L to R) Adelia Wong, Molly Gaynor, Isabelle Faus

Men's Finalists: (L to R): Bryce Viola, Ty Landman, Augie Cohn

If you are a competitive climber and didn't make it to this year's competition, I highly recommend making it to next year's.  These comps are NEVER a disappointment when it comes to the qualifying round and the finals showdown.  Also, there were some great prizes for top finishers in designated categories and raffle prizes (shown below).

(photo courtesy of Prime Climb's Facebook page)

Be sure to go check out the Prime Climb Gym sometime soon to climb on the problems that were shown in the video!