Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creating My Travel Stories Through Photos

Eiffel Tower, this one is for you!

When I see past pictures of myself on scenic trips and vacations, it seems most of  the photos only showed me standing upright in the foreground of the scene that was photographed.  I called these the boring mugshot poses.  I find I have a hard time remembering what emotion I was feeling at the time and what was happening in the picture.  In this sense the photographs were only pictures that did not convey or create a story in my or possibly, the viewer's mind.  I had thought about this before I went on my Europe trip and really wanted to get some good photos that would forever tell a dynamic story.  After getting back from the trip and going through the photos, it seemed that I had an easier time recalling the exact events (even some nostalgia) of the "non-standard" pictures.

This shot will be forever memorable due to the number foreigners laughing and taking photos of my "stunt" on Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland.

Yeah..I don't like coffee..or the size of this cup.  I was in Paris and had to try the espresso though.  It had a crimp/pinch for the handle luckily.

I was dared to climb up to touch the address number of the door in Lucerne, Switzerland.  Apparently the folks I was with didn't know exactly how much I like to climb.  

This very steep hill was great for this shot.  Shannon actually thought she was pushing me over the edge, down the mountain side vineyard in Germany.

I look back on these photos and I can remember the feeling and get the nostalgia that I was looking for.  With touristy areas that we traveled to, I got a lot of looks and raised eyebrows from the pictures that were taken of me.  I didn't mind because making a great memory was way more important!  I don't recommend everyone take pictures like this.  What I do recommend is when taking a photograph, try to remember that your trying to capture a memory not just a picture.  In that sense, you will always remember your emotions and feelings when you see the picture again and hopefully get the nostalgia that I get when I look back on my photos.