Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sending a Project, Finishing a Book

It is hard to describe the feeling after sending a long, hard fought battle with your project.  The only close feeling I can compare it to is when I finish an amazingly written book.  You get to personally know the characters of the story and live within the plot and settings.  Then once you read past the climax of the story and reach the conclusion, you are hopefully satisfied with how it ends.  As for completing a boulder project, your hands and feet get to know the holds and your body learns the contortions.  And after you pull through the crux you hopefully have immense satisfaction upon topping out.  There is often a bittersweet feeling after the completion of a good book.   You don't want it to end because of how emotionally connected you became to the story.  The same goes with the completion of a tough boulder project.  The initial high of the send wears away and a bittersweet feeling blends in because you know the project is over.  It is not unusual for this to happen since you have put so much time, energy and emotion into the project.  You know you will not get the same high again if you repeated that very problem that was once your project.

Jess and Bill spotting me perfectly on The Prow (v10) (photo by Marian)

My project was a highball boulder in central Connecticut called The Prow (v10).  I started this project in the late fall of 2012.  I was unable to complete it before the bouldering conditions soured and it became too hot and humid.  I was, however, able to work the initial moves into muscle memory over the past year but the middle crux (sloper pinch) was just too much due to the humidity.  I could only wait patiently until a perfect fall day arrived.  Low 50's, sunny, slightly breezy, and no humidity: a boulderer's dream conditions.   I had an overwhelming feeling I was finally going to get the send that day.  I felt great, I felt light, I felt good, I got the send.  Chills came about upon the send due to all the adrenaline...what a rush!  After coming back down to the bottom of the problem, I felt a little sadness that it was over, just like the feeling when finishing a good book.  Just like moving on to another good book, I will do the same with another boulder problem that I will hopefully have the same connection.  I couldn't have asked for more from that day.  I had great friends around me that helped push me to get the send and I had great conditions...a perfect day.

Video of the Send: