Monday, November 4, 2013

Rumney Sport Climbing

It is our adventures in the outdoors that keep us young in both body and mind

Victim of Love 5.8, Upper Darth Vader Crag, Rumney, NH

It is rare to wake up outside with temps in the mid 30s and be psyched and excited for something.  That something for me was sport climbing for the first time at Rumney, NH.  Once daylight broke, my dog and I un-burrowed from the sleeping bag and stepped out of the tent into the brisk, cool air.  We packed up our site after breakfast and headed out to the crags to sport climb on some schist (rock type at Rumney).

We headed up the steep terrain to the Upper Darth Vader crag for some warm-up climbing.  The initial cold air faded away as the sun slowly warmed the area.  After the warm-up we headed over to Waimea crag to get the onsight of the classic 5.10d Waimea.  The rock color was striated with dark and light colored sections.  A well of energy built up inside me that I wanted to pour into the ascent of this beautiful line.  There is something about climbing a route for the first time in a new area that makes you realize what you've been missing.  The newness of an area and experiencing the routes and views give you an incredible high.

Out of the shadows and into the light on Waimea 5.10d

This is one of the greatest things about getting outdoors to a new area.  It restores your sense of adventure.  Everything is new and fresh to your senses and makes you feel more alive.  All of your youthful energy that you thought was fading now seems higher than ever.  You feel almost unstoppable in your pursuits of the day, and you don't desire the end.

Once you get away from adventure and have time to reflect upon it, you start to get an itch for another, and then slowly a plan starts for something else new and exhilarating.  There is a spark inside of us all and once we provide the fuel of adventure, a roaring flame grows that is near impossible to extinguish.  It is important to keep providing ourselves with adventures, to keep exploring new areas, and to push our boundaries, even if they are nearby.  This fuels our fire and provides our amazing life experiences that we will always remember.  Rumney, for me, is one of those experiences that I will always remember and will continue to revisit.

Bottom Feeder 5.13a