Sunday, April 6, 2014

Asana KJ 2 Signature Crash Pad Review

After 3 plus years of use, I decided to retire my Asana KJ Signature Highball crash pad and get the new Asana KJ 2 crash pad.  What can I say, when I experience great quality I stick with the best of the best!  The KJ 2 comes with all the great stuff from the original KJ crash pad such as:

-1" closed cell foam on top and bottom with 3" of open cell foam in between
-Carpeted corner foot wipe
-Unbreakable metal cam buckles (cinches the pad closed with your gear stashed inside)
-Padded hip and shoulder straps

Cypher v8 highball

The KJ 2 pad also comes with with a very nice carrying system improvement:  the new E-justable Torso System so that you can get a nice fit for your height.  I definitely dig the improved fit of the pad.  The new torso system allows for the pad weight (plus stashed gear) to be placed firmly on my hips and off of my back.  This makes long hikes to the boulders very comfortable.  The weight of the pad at 18 lbs. is almost hard to believe since it feels so light when carrying it, even with stashed gear inside the pad.

Safety is always top priority for me when I head out to the boulder field.  That is why I trust this pad to be there for me whenever I take a fall.  Anyone looking for a high quality crash pad made here in the good ole U.S. of A. need to look no further and check out the Asana Climbing crash pads here on their website:!