Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#ORInsightLab: Men's Deadpoint Shorts Review

The Outdoor Research Deadpoint Shorts are up this week to be sprayed about for the #ORInsightLab program.  This review is going to sound like a promotional plug for for the shorts because that is how awesome they have performed.  I have worn them every time I have been out sport climbing this spring and summer. The performance has been impeccable!  I really wanted to test out the durability of these shorts since most of my clothing doesn't make it past a season of climbing.

The Deadpoint Shorts were perfect length and didn't get caught on my knee while high stepping on the routes.  The stretch cotton canvas is the perfect material for climbing.  The material has held up very well so far.  I've been beating these up on the wall with scraping, impacts and slow drag friction.  The fabric hasn't snagged or frayed through any of these brush-ups.  One of the greatest aspects of these shorts is that they work well in a casual environment also.  The material is very soft and comfortable, which is something that doesn't always come with things touted as durable.  

I couldn't find anything wrong with the way the Deadpoint Shorts felt or performed.  I plan on taking these to Squamish and Hawaii for rock climbing in a few weeks since they passed all my expectations for climbing apparel.  I have to give props to Outdoor Research on these, they did an amazing job constructing such a great piece of clothing for rock climbing!

Up for the next installment for #ORInsighLab is the Men's Growler S/S shirt: 

The products reviewed in this program were given to me by Outdoor Research in exchange for honest reviews and feedback.  Any and all positive opinions presented by me in the program are my own and were not required to receive products.