Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#ORInsightLab: Dirtbag RV Tech Tee Review

I know what you are thinking, "It's a t-shirt, how can you possibly have anything to review about it??"  On the surface the Dirtbag RV Tech Tee, by Outdoor Research, looks exactly what any t-shirt would look like.  But once I slipped it over my head and slid my arms through the sleeves, I noticed it had quite a different feel than most t-shirts.  It was very light-weight, soft, and had a ventilating feel to it.  I knew this shirt would be a great to try out while sport climbing and bouldering.

RV Tech Tee keeping me cool through the roof move!

What better test area for this shirt than one of the most prized crags of the Northeast: Rumney, NH.  Temps were forecast to be in the low 80s F (27 C) and I wanted to get a feel of how well it kept me cool and dry since that is its purpose.  After climbing for about 7 hours my shirt remained dry and I was staying quite cool.  However, the dark blue color absorbed a lot of the suns heat, making me quite warm.  It was fortunate for me that the moisture wicking of this material was excellent.  My shirt would be wet for about 5 minutes before being completely dry.  The performance while climbing was amazing as well.  The shirt is stretchy and elastic and also did not restrict the dynamic throws on the tough routes at Rumney.  The shirt performed so well that I wanted to wear it while bouldering the following weekend.

The only thing I would like to see different about this shirt is lighter colors to help reduce the absorbency of the sun's heat.  Overall, though, I am impressed with the Tech Tee and will continue to wear it while I climb and hang out with friends around the campfires.

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