Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#ORInsightLab: Men's Ferrosi 3/4 Pant Review

The Ferrosi 3/4 pants

When I got to try out the Outdoor Research Men's Ferrosi 3/4 pants, I immediately dubbed them the "barely there" pants.  The Ferrosi 3/4 pants were so light weight that it almost felt like I wasn't even wearing them.  As light as they felt, they were very durable and had an ideal amount of stretch to them.  The pockets were very low profile, which I liked since there wouldn't be a lot of bulging areas like cargo shorts or pants.  I decided the best testing ground for these were some awkward-leg-positioning, overhanging boulders at Lincoln Woods, RI.

The stretch is in all the right places!

I was worried that the pant leg would get caught on my knee when making a high leg move or heel hook and become uncomfortable or restricting in movement. What I found was that when the pant leg caught my knee, it provided enough stretch to allow my leg to move with little resistance and was comfortable.  Another big worry I had about the Ferrosi 3/4 pant was the material allowing for the dreaded "backside" sweat to show through.  Warm summers and humidity mixed with light colored, thin material clothing tend to be problematic in this area.  However, the pants were surprisingly ventilated and breathable, with no sweat problems.  Whew, embarrassment avoided!

I was never a fan of 3/4 pants for men, but after wearing the Ferrosi style I have changed my mind on not wanting to wear them.  One thing I would want added to these pants is the option to cuff them up (with latch, velcro, or button system) to become shorts to provide extra coolness on really hot days.  I plan to take these up to the sport climbing crags in Rumney, NH since they performed so well on steep boulder problems. At 8.5 oz., these pants will be easily packed with me on all my spring and summertime climbing trips.

*This concludes the #ORInsightLab reviews.  The products reviewed in this program were given to me by Outdoor Research in exchange for honest reviews and feedback.  Any and all positive opinions presented by me in the program are my own and were not required to receive products.