Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#ORInsightLab Gear Review: Ferrosi Hoody

Welcome to the first #ORInsightLab gear review of 2015!  As mentioned in a previous post, #ORInsightLab is a program set up by Outdoor Research to get feedback on some of their gear.  They choose a handful of awesome outdoorsy people and give them some gear in exchange for an honest review.  This allows them to improve upon their product lines if needed.  The first piece of gear on the review block is the Ferrosi Hoody, the close family relative of the Ferrosi pants line.

I took this jacket to one of my favorite local spots in Connecticut for some bouldering.  I climbed all morning wearing the Ferrosi Hooody as I cruised through some of the classics.  When I took a break on my crash pad I started to think about what I really liked about the jacket.  As I ran my hand over the light weight fabric feeling the slightly coarse texture of each sleeve I came to the conclusion that what I like most about it were the same as what I like about rock climbing: the balance and flow.

The jacket was well balanced in that it kept my body in equilibrium with the surrounding environment.  The hoody allowed for heat to easily escape while also letting moisture evaporate through the breathability of the material.  The jacket fabric was very fluid and felt like it flowed well with tougher movements.  The cloth contoured perfectly and was unrestricted during many different types of movement.  There was also a distinct advantage to its durabiltiy: mosquito proof.  Only the exposed areas were the dining spots for the little bloodsuckers!  When the day got warmer the jacket stuffs down to the size of a softball, which made for easy storage.

The Ferrosi Hoody is going to be a favorite of mine due to the lightweight, easy storage, and amazing comfort while wearing.  The only thing I did not like about the jacket was the hood.  The hood works functionally but just felt uncomfortably loose while wearing.  This isn't a deal breaker though since the rest of the jacket performs so amazingly well.  At the end of the day, I gave this jacket 4.5 sprays out of 5.

Up next for review:  Men's Air Brake Gloves