Thursday, October 1, 2015

#ORInsightLab: Men's Airbrake Gloves Review

Alas, the final review for this year's Outdoor Research #ORInsightLab program: the Men's Airbrake Gloves!  I've been crag hopping with these gloves all over the place, from the west coast in British Columbia to the northeast crags of New England.  Apart from feeling like Ironman while wearing these gloves, they did what belay gloves should do and that is to protect your hands from burning out from all day belaying.

Some of the features that I really dug were the gel padded palm area where the majority of rope abrasion occurs.  The other part I like is the leather supplement on the backside of the glove over the index and little finger to prevent rope rollover during belaying or catching a whipper.  The backside of the gloves are thin and flexible to allow for a very comfortable fit.

Great coverage of the sensitive areas during belaying

While I liked the gloves a ton, I did not find the ventilation adequate enough in warmer climbing temps.  But I had with me the Outdoor Research Men's Handbrake Gloves that have a lot more ventilation (no fingertips!).  But ever since the temps cooled, the Airbrake gloves have been great. They have been keeping my hands at a perfect temp to keep me ready for the next ascent.  I highly recommend the Airbrake gloves(and Handbrake gloves!), especially for this time of year!  Belay away!

Disclosure: Outdoor Research provided me with the Airbrake Gloves in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced by any third party.