Monday, February 22, 2016

#ORInsightLab Review: Men's Starfire Hoody

With another round of being part of the #ORInsightLab program comes another great opportunity to test some outdoor apparel from Outdoor Research.  As mentioned in previous posts about #ORInsightLab, this program offers a select group of outdoor enthusiasts the chance to test out gear for Outdoor Research and provide them with performance feedback. 

The first of the reviews will be starting with the Men's Starfire Hoody.  This hoody went through some tough and rigorous adventuring here in the northeast and all the way out in the deserts of Las Vegas.  The first thing I noticed while wearing this jacket was that it held in heat very well, which is perfect for the winter time of year when I tend to be outside bouldering.  The flexibility of the fabric was also ideal for the climbing trips.  The thumb loops in the sleeves were great for keeping my hands warm while resting between problem attempts.  The jacket material was also perfectly flexible and un-restrictive while climbing.

The overall feel of the material was very soft on the inside but had a durable feel on the exterior.  The only aspect I would like to change about the jacket is the stiffness of the zipper.  It causes the front of the jacket to bunch up in the center area at times but wasn't a huge issue with the performance.  I liked this hoody for a warmer layer when I am out climbing, but I really liked it more for the normal kick-back-with-your-friends-kind-of-wear.  The blue color was prime for my taste and it had a great style that is well suited for an outdoor adventurer.  I give the Starfire Hoody 4.5 sprays out of 5!

The products received from Outdoor Research for the #ORInsightLab program are provided in exchange for honest feedback.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way by receiving of such products.