Friday, April 15, 2016

#ORInsightLab Review: Men's Stronghold Twill Pants

The next installment of the #ORInsightLab has arrived!  This review will cover the performance of the Outdoor Research Stronghold Twill pants.  These past few months I've been able to test out these pants while bouldering.  Pants are, in my opinion, the most important clothing you will wear; they literally cover half of your body!  When it comes to climbing, pants become even more important.  The pair you choose can make or break your day at the boulders.  The only place I knew where to test these were my favorite stomping grounds here in the northeast.

Slice v10, NWCT

I'm going to be straightforward, the Stronghold Twill were not my favorite.  They just didn't fit the way I want climbing pants to fit.  The legs were very loose and baggy.  I was still able to send my v10 boulder problems, but there was just too much movement in the pant legs while climbing.  The material was comfortable but did not provide much in terms of stretch, which is something I prefer in a climbing pant.  Overall, the performance failed my standards for climbing but they style did not.  I liked the way they looked for more casual occasions, such as the after climb pub visit.

Comparing the fit of the Stronghold Twill, I much preferred the fit of the Outdoor Research Men's Deadpoint pants. A tighter fit in the leg with stretchy fabric has a much better feel while climbing.  The Stronghold Twill gets its points for style and comfort, just not for its climbing performance.  I give these pants 3 sprays out of 5.

Disclosure:  The products received from Outdoor Research for the #ORInsightLab program are provided in exchange for honest feedback.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way by receiving such products.