Monday, July 25, 2016

#ORInsightLab Gear Review: Outdoor Research Whirlwind Hoody

When I was sent the Outdoor Research Whirlwind Hoody for the summer #ORInsightLab review, I was a bit skeptical I would be able to use it during the warmest months out of the year.  After unwrapping the package, I realized quickly how this hoody could be quite useful, even during the summer season.

Ringing in at 9.1 oz. the Whirlwind Hoody is extremely light.  The material is breathable and quick drying from a light rain to a moderate sweat from the hike to the crag base.  This pullover half-zip hoody fit like a glove.  There's a little extra length in the sleeve as well as thumb hooks to partially cover the palm and top of the hand.

Like most of the lightweight shells Outdoor Research has to offer, the Whirlwind Hoody holds up well to abrasion and light wear and tear on the trail.  There is limited pocket space, but being a light weight shell, you don't want to weigh it down with unnecessary items.  The lone pocket itself can hold something the size of a cell phone or wallet with an attachment cord inside to clip on items you don't want to drop while on the wall.

The performance was perfect for the cool morning hike and the initial warm-ups at the crag.  The hoody provided free range of motion without interfering or limiting any movement.  However, I did not wear it for very long since the weather warmed up rather quickly and the hoody was not needed.  The Whirlwind will be something I could wear all day once the weather breaks to the fall style.  Overall, I was satisfied with this piece from Outdoor Research.  I give the Whirlwind Hoody 4 sprays out of 5.  I recommend this for anyone needing that little bit of an extra layer before they hit the trails or crags.