Sunday, February 12, 2017

#ORInsightLab Gear Review: Outdoor Research Men's Voodoo Pants

I've always been a huge fan of pants.  I mean, they are such an incredible article of clothing.  You put one leg in, then the other, pull them up and then latch them closed.  Boom!  Now half of your body is covered with just one piece of clothing!  It's absolutely amazing!  This is why I was stoked to get to review the Men's Voodoo Pants from Outdoor Research!

When I'm looking for pants they have to fit what I need for my activities in the outdoors and to a lesser degree, be stylish.  The Voodoo Pants did quite well in these areas.

The Voodoo pants are stretchy and flexible, which was perfect for hiking steep, uneven trail and rock climbing/bouldering.  The fabric was very lightweight and thin.  This tweaked my concern on the durability of the pants, but was alleviated when I careened into some heavy brush and thorns.  Although my exposed skin areas took some damage, the pants came out unscathed.  The best part about them, though, was the performance.

Climbing and hiking in the Voodoo pants were great.  They had more stretch than I anticipated, which was no problem at all.  The pants were thin, which necessitated a thermal under layer to keep warm, but beared no negative consequence to the overall review.  The only part about the pants I did not like were the pockets.  They felt shallow and did not allow to hold many things. At times I felt afraid that things would fall out but never had that actually happen fortunately.

Overall, the pants performed very well.  The Voodoo pant receive 4.5 out of 5 sprays, with the favorite aspect being the stretchy fabric and the least favorite being the pocket depth.  These pants definitely make the grade and meet the needs of a rock climber and/or hiker.

Disclosure:  The products received from Outdoor Research for the #ORInsightLab program are provided in exchange for honest feedback.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way by receiving such products for review.