Tuesday, September 5, 2017

#ORInsightLab: Men's Ascendant Hoody Review

The #ORInsightLab Gear Reviews are back for another round!  As always, Outdoor Research provides me with gear to test out and provide honest feedback.  This week's featured review is the Outdoor Research Men's Ascendant Hoody

The fall season is just around the corner and temperatures are starting to cool down!  The more favorable and cooler climbing weather was a perfect opportunity to test out the Ascendant Hoody.  A boulderer will carry up to 30 lbs of pads and gear along with them on a typical outdoor session.  Minimizing the amount of unnecessary weight is critical to prevent pre-climbing hike-in exhaustion.  This was one of my favorite aspects of the Ascendant Hoody.  It was lightweight and kept me warm on the first half of the hike.  Once warm the hoody did a great job in terms of breathability, allowing for a comfortable 2nd half hike.

The performance was also impressive.  The material was flexible that moved with me rather than against me.  Another favorite was the durable zippers.  I find it annoying to zip thin lightweight jackets that are built with thin lightweight zippers, so this was a relief with the Ascendant Hoody.  Pockets were provided in all the right places with perfect sizing for my needs on the hike to the crag.  It was impossible to find a negative aspect about this hoody and it became an instant favorite!

Overall, I give the Ascendant Hoody 5 out of 5 sprays.  I couldn't find anything in particular that I did not like about the jacket.  I am stoked to have this jacket for many more trips this fall bouldering season!